(DISPONIBLE A PEDIDO) Shiro Sagisu Music From "SHIN EVANGELION" EVANGELION 3.0+1.0 (3 discos)

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Track Listings

Disc: 1

2if a cause is worth dying for then be
3euro nerv
4tema principale: orchestra dedicata ai maestri
5berceuse: piano
6l'homme n'est ni ange ni bete
7prettiest star
9yearning for your love
10tema principale: piano dedicata ai maestri
11hand of fate
12unwelcome: piano
13m & r: piano
14lost in the memory
15berceuse: piano dans l'orchestre a cordes
16EM10A alterne
17EM10A alterne bis
18gekitotsu! gouten tai daimakan
19gekitotsu! gouten tai daimakan =hooked on the last train=

Disc: 2

3mirror mirror: refrain
4mirror mirror: orchestra and choir
5this is the dream, beyond belief...
6theme du concerto 494
9i'll go on loving someone else =version orchestre=
10pillars of faith
11voices in my head
12what if?: orchestra, choir and piano
13EM20 =wunder operation=
14the path
15born evil
16citation from 'joy to the world'
17pensees intimes: piano dans l'orchestre a cordes
18ave verum corpus
19Voyager - Gravestone Without Date

Disc: 3

1the way of life
2pensees intimes: piano
3unwelcome: orchestra
4m & r: suite pour piano, flute basse et orchestre
5this is the dream
6Voyager - Gravestone Without Date =suppa duppa bossa=
7what if?: guitar
8hand of fate: playback
9yearning for your love: playback
10lost in the memory: playback
11la plus belle etoile
12tema principale: tromba e orchestra
13tema principale: chitarra
14soul love: guitar to orchestra segue
15reminiscence: epilogue

$35.691 $41.990

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